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Mauldons Brewery

12 Bottle Case of Mauldons Lager

12 Bottle Case of Mauldons Lager

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12 x 330ml Mauldons Lager bottles
4.6% ABV

 Our lager embodies the spirit of Mauldons' unique craftmanship, whilst drawing its style from traditional German lagering methods.

On the nose, expect a delicate dance of floral hops, reminiscent of Suffolk meadows in full bloom. The initial burst of refreshing citrusy brightness is complemented by delicate flavours from the finest German Pilsner malts. With each sip the palate is treated to a symphony of flavours that unfold gracefully.


Brewers notes: Colour is light golden derived from the pilsner malt. Hops used are Herbsbrucker (traditional German hop) added at various stages of the boil to create a mild bitterness and floral flavour, which balances off wonderfully with the sweetness from the malt.
Goldings are added at the end of boil to create a delicate aroma. The beer is then allowed to mature in cold storage for a number of weeks allowing the flavours to mellow and blend together, resulting in a smoother more refined taste.

Publicans notes: The new lager from Mauldons has been a popular addition to our bottle room. The flavour stands out against some of our more mainstream lagers on the bar. People have been coming back for more!

Available in 12 x 330ml bottles

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