About Us

    We are the oldest brewery in East Anglia, based in Sudbury, Suffolk. Our rich heritage began in 1795 when Anna Maria Mauldon started brewing beer at the Bull Hotel in Sudbury. Charlie Buckle, Managing Director of Nedging Hall Estate, purchased Mauldons in September 2019. A family-owned business with a portfolio of several award-winning beers. 

    We love that our businesses work full circle. We craft the ales that go into our three Suffolk pubs, The Lindsey Rose, The Bildeston Crown and The Brewery Tap.

    Mauldons is well established and uses only traditional methods and quality materials. Recently, Mauldons Brewery’s Suffolk Pride took home Gold in the Best British Bitter at the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) East Independent Beer Awards.

    Steve Birch, our Head Brewer, has been with Mauldons over 40 years and he is paramount to the success of Mauldons; we wouldn’t be here without him. He understands the ethos and mentality of the business, alongside being an amazing brewer.

    Core Range

    Mauldons core range is five traditional award-winning ales, with seasonal brews created throughout the year.

    Silver Adder Pale Ale

    Silver Adder

    GOLD SIBA’s Independent Beer Award 2022

    A super pale ale. Powerful hops give a lovely citrus burst followed by a crisp, clean finish.

    COLOUR: Golden
    STYLE: Pale Ale
    HOPS: Cascade / Willamette
    MALT: Extra Pale Planet / Super Pale

    Available in firkins and 12 x 500ml bottles

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    Suffolk Pride Amber Ale

    Suffolk Pride

    SILVER SIBA’s Independent Beer Award 2022

    A full-bodied, strong bitter. Light in colour with a powerful bouquet of hops, developed fruit and a
    dry finish

    COLOUR: Amber
    STYLE: British Strong Ale
    HOPS: Fuggles / Goldings
    MALT: Pale Planet / Crystal / Black

    Available in firkins and 12 x 500ml bottles

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    Black Adder Stout

    Black Adder

    Champion Beer of East Anglia 2016 – Campaign for Real Ale

    GOLD Stouts Category

    Champion Beer of East Anglia 2016 – Campaign for Real Ale

    GOLD Overall Champion Beer of East Anglia

    GOLD SIBA’s Independent Beer Award 2019

    Our former Champion Beer of Britain. A dark, bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt provide an excellent lingering finish

    COLOUR: Black
    STYLE: British Stout HOPS: Fuggles MALT: pale Planet / Crystal / Black

    Available in firkins and 12 x 500ml bottles

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    Ploughmans Golden Ale


    A light golden ale, with a hint of citrus. Clear and crisp with a sweet, refreshing finish.


    COLOUR: Golden
    STYLE: British Golden Ale
    HOPS: Brewers Gold / Celeia
    MALT: Pale Planet

    Available in firkins and 12 x 500ml bottles

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    Mole Trap Best Bitter

    Mole Trap

    East Anglian Beer & Cider Festival – Campaign for Real Ale BEER of the FESTIVAL 2021

    Voted as Joint Winner of Champion Bitter

    Mole Trap is a well-balanced session beer. Crisp hoppy bitterness with a late malty flavour coming through


    COLOUR: Chestnut
    STYLE: Best Bitter
    HOPS: Fuggles / Goldings
    MALT: Pale Planet / Crystal

    Available in firkins and 12 x 500ml bottles

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    We also create seasonal brews throughout the year. Our suppliers are the first to stock our new and popular seasonal ales.

    Our Barley to Bottle ethos

    We use malt barley grown on our own farm along with exceptional new age hops grown in the UK. Not only is this extremely rewarding but also creates a more sustainable link by reducing our carbon footprint.

    Malting barley grown on the farm is one of the key ingredients used at Mauldons, the estate’s brewery. The spent grains are then feed to Red Poll cattle, a Suffolk rare bread. The beef is subsequently used in the estate’s establishments. 

    Meanwhile, maize grown on the farm is sent to AD plants owned by the estate, which produce electricity used within the businesses, this ensures that all electricity consumed is renewable. A by-product of this is CO2 which is captured and used at the brewery in carbonating the beers.

    We are striving towards net zero and have a mission is to become the greenest brewery in the UK. We are planning to introduce electric delivery vans. If our bottle sales increase enough, we would look at introducing a bottling faculty so we can say we own the entire process.

    We have installed solar panels on both buildings. The electricity produced from these will be used to brew beer, power the electric delivery vehicles and keep the office working.

    There is a plan to have a beehive placed on some wildflower grass we have at the back of the brewery. Thus helping to spread pollen and maintain bio-diversity.

    Hear from Mauldons real ale drinkers…

    I got a gift set of different ales for my partner. He absolutely loved them and now looking for a pub that serves them. Will definitely be visiting the shop! Ryan Sheffield was also lovely to speak to. Will be spreading the word!! - Elaine

    Fabulous local brewed beers in a traditional style, great to see an independent local Suffolk brewery still brewing in a good old fashion tradition, always go for the Suffolk Pride, hits the spot 😉 - Peter Turner

    Fantastic beer. As good as a fresh real ale you would find on cask at an independent pub. Highly recommend Silver Adder and 1795, but all are great. - Oliver Tromp