mauldons brewery history

    Since 1795.

    In 1795 the Mauldon family of Sudbury first became involved in brewing, for in that year Anna Maria Mauldon began brewing at the Bull Hotel in Sudbury.

    Eventually the business consisted of a brewery with some 30 tied public houses, a wine and spirit business and a small farm.

    old mauldons brewery photo


    As the business prospered, additional pubs and hotels were purchased and in the early 1800’s the brewery moved to a larger premises in Ballingdon street.

    peter mauldon


    In 1981, Peter Mauldon, a descendant of Anna Maria decided to re-establish the family tradition and start a brewery in Sudbury once again.

    Peter had been too young to be involved in the original family business and had previously pursued a career with Watneys Brewery where he progressed to Head Brewer at the company’s large Mortlake Brewery.

    In 1982 premises on the Chilton Industrial Estate were acquired, the brewery was constructed and on the December of that year the first barrels of beer were being brewed again in Sudbury by a Mauldon.

    Our Head Brewer since 1980, Steve Birch, pictured left.

    mauldons brewery


    Following the decision of Peter and Jane Mauldon to retire, Steve and Alison Sims purchased the Sudbury based brewery on 1 March 2000. The brewery was well established, and using only traditional methods and quality materials, supplied a range of premium real ales throughout the country.


    In September 2019 Charlie Buckle, who lives on his family farm just 10 miles from Sudbury, purchased the brewery. With their passion for beer and particularly Mauldons beer, it was the perfect way to continue the business as it always has been, in the hands of a family who care.


    Mauldons has recently doubled in size thanks to the creation of a large purpose-built cold store and Bottle Shop. Steve Birch has been part of the Mauldons family since 1980. Mauldons Brewery just wouldn’t be Mauldons without him. In fact, the new cold store has been named after him, ‘The Birch Building’. When the building was officially opened on October 20th 2023, it was a total surprise for Steve.